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Terms and Services


It is somewhat obvious that we trace you through your website to get information about you which is quite necessary for us and also beneficial for you. Log in to our website through your email account by which you will become a member of PackagingNinjas. Once you become a member of our company, you can have access to all our products and services. Furthermore, there are different beneficial features and functionalities on our website from which you can avail plenty of benefits. To avail of all our beneficial features, you have to agree with the terms and conditions of our company. All the conditions will apply between all the contract takes place between customer and company. 

Basics for agreement

All the conditions will be applied between all the contract takes place between customer and company.

  • We want to make it clear that your quotation will be valid for 10 days from the issuance date. 
  • Your order will be processed only when you provide us with the acceptance of the order in written form because we do not want any discomfort between us. 
  • PackagingNinjas will not consider any changing and additions in order after the goods loaded for delivery. 
  • It will be the customers’ responsibility to check the delivery dates and prices of good. Company will not be responsible for any inconvenience. 
  • We allow our customers to examine their goods during loading but according to terms and conditions they will be not allowed to break or open any packing of goods. 
  • If any customer wants to increase the number of boxes then he has to provide us with the notice in written form within three days of unloading of any claim, otherwise, boxes will be delivered in the quantity shown in the documents of delivery. 
  • After the completion of the delivery company will be not responsible for any misshapen or risk. 
  • Until the completion of the payment title will be not provided to the customer.
  • Payment time will be the basic part of the deal. 

Contents bring forth by the customer

PackagingNinjas provides the opportunity to personalize your boxes in your own way, you can add some alluring graphics and get the flawless picture of any fascinating picture. But make sure that the content you want to add should not be copied from any website; we will not accept any copied content. Our company will be not responsible for any further lawsuit. In case, if we involved in the lawsuit then the customer will be responsible to pay lawyer fees and all the settlement expenses. Other than this, PackagingNinjas is able to refuse your content if it is against the terms and conditions of our company and in this case, no cross-question will be considered by us. 

Deal cancellation and returns

  • Once the customer gave us the acceptance of deal in written form they he may not be able to cancel the deal without a solid reason because we commence the process just after the assigning of the deal in written form. 
  • After the completion of delivery, customers will be responsible for the suitability of boxes which are they are intended. 
  • If our services didn’t satisfy any of our customers then he may terminate the relationship with us by giving a written notice before 30 days.


PackagingNinjas provides you with the minimum turnaround. Turnaround time will always be depending on the type of boxes you ordered. Your order will be placed in the time mentioned in our delivery agreement. If you order the boxes in bulk amount then it may take a few more days.