Delivery Information

Promotional discounts and Coupons

PackagingNinjas deliver the products with the best surety for you. They deliver by the most convenient means for the customers. They also positively provide you with options that seem the most convenient for your delivery. As an additional part of their job, they keep on sending you with promotional stuff that might interest you. This way, they keep you up with the latest trends and designs that you might want to opt at any point. They realize the importance of marketing and enhancing your brand via the right customized packaging. This is why they make sure that you stay updated about all the promotional stuff. Moreover, seasonal discounts and coupons are also transferred to the customer’s emails constantly to prove the company’s loyalty to them. However, it is also important to note that all the coupons and discounts work for a specific time period. Before using them, one must make sure that they can still be used. The functionality of a discount coupon is very important in case of utilizing them from PackagingNinjas.

Payment Procedures

All the prices offered at the online page of PackagingNinjas come in dollars. They accept the money by means of Pay Pal, Visa Card and Master Card payments. They make sure to gain all the right information about your credit card before accepting payments from your side. In case of any fraud or misinformation about the credit card will not be taken lightly by the company at all. All the payments about your order must be cleared while making the order. This is the best way a company can secure a customer’s trust and oblige them to use them in the longer term too. The adequate credit card information must be always the first priority of all the customers of PackagingNinjas.

Cancellation of your orders

The orders can be cancelled in case you change your mind. However, it is also important to note that the cancellation can only be done at the right time. Once the order is sent forward for printing already, then there lies no chance of cancellation. Still, if you would want to cancel the order, then you might be subjected to the cancellation fee by means of compensation. It is best suggested for you to cancel the order in time, which will not cause you any loss of money whatsoever. To keep you regularly updated, the company keeps you updated with all the processing of your order. An icon will show if your order has been set out for printing yet or not. They also make sure that the client provides all the right documentation within a time period of thirty days. If that is not done then the order gets cancelled automatically.

Impeachment and its consequences

All the information and material available at the website of PackagingNinjas is meant to stay in their private property. If someone tries to get access to it or makes any changes to it, he will be accountable for it. The original property of PackagingNinjas must not be reproduced or copied anywhere else which may cause troubles for you. They are bound to respond to all such cases. It is vital for you to go through all the information provided at the website before pursuing any law suit. The information and personal data provided to the company for orders will be kept safe with the company. The customers can trust the company in this regard.

If any user fails to complete the requirements or breaches the conditions in any form, then the company gets full authority to cancel all the orders and registration. All the best kinds of packaging and customization of your boxes are done best at PackagingNinjas so make sure to give it a look before going any further.